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8/17/2023 - i'm so stupid i keep forgetting to update stuff guh i have to get on that. added some fun images to index (nvm i removed themlol) , links page kinda sucks so im trying to make it look more appealing and maybe do the same with my graphics page + add more to that, add some stuff to my about page

8/10/2023 - added the beginning of a links and resources page a while back and added a benrey shrine within my benrey shrine.

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hihey i'm adrian lamorte/benrey. not my real full name duh
.. alien queer trying to surf the web cautiously. ive gathered little bits of information about css and html throughout my life on the internet and decided to officially pick it up as a new hobby of mine several months ago because of my frustration with drawing, and it has proved to be much more relaxing. you'll see me change the entire layout of this site a lot because i'm mega indecisive. but hey it's like im shapeshifting and molting. have fun and thank you for visiting. friend.


this website is made with google chrome on a desktop in mind, things may look a little off in other places.